Time to Think

Wrathe turned away from Kira and strode toward his Coercer. He wanted to turn around. He hated to leave her and his new life in Nova Haven. She ran after him, “Wrathe! Why?” She placed her hand on his shoulder in an attempt to slow him down.

“I’m too late. I’m always too late…” He said as he pulled his shoulder away and looked at her. She noticed the flame that burned in his eyes, since the moment Sydney introduced them, was gone. All that was left was an emptiness. He seemed tired, almost old now and this caused her to stop in her tracks. It caused her to hesitate, but she tried to convince him. “It’s not too late, Amarr is still strong. You still have time.”

But the news from the Scope was simply too much. While not a tremendous fan of the late Empress due to the unspoken possibility of her being a clone (which his objection to was recently tempered by his own transformation, only a few weeks ago), he still felt this attack robbed him and his people of something sacred. It soiled his beautiful Amarr, tarnished her… Dirtied her. She would never be the same and he could do nothing to stop it. So this raping of his people, by these foul undead beasts, would continue… and he would be forced to watch it unfold. Helpless to change anything.

“I’m so small…. I… I must go…” Wrathe finished while turning toward his ship and trudged up the gangplank.

“We’ll be waiting…” Kira shouted as the door to his ship closed ” in case you change your mind.” She finished quieter knowing he could not hear her. The ship’s engine powered up and allowed it to turn toward the exit of the Akora station. “Goodbye, Wrathe. I hope you find peace, or whatever you’re looking for.”

Wrathe, floating in his pod, steered his ship into the void. He knew tears ran from his eyes even though the fluid in which he laid prevented it from showing. He steered his ship toward Safizon. Why? Even he didn’t know. Maybe it would help him understand. Maybe there would be answers there.

The gate flared as his Coercer entered the system and Wrathe immediately aligned toward the destroyed Titan, visible on his overview. The system was full of capsuleers; some sitting aligned toward the hulking wreck, others committing ritual suicide within it’s gaping hull. He slowed his ship and began a slow orbit of his late Empress’ final resting place.

He tried to take in every detail, from the corpses of the poor Amarrian crew, to the jagged torn metal that was once one of the greatest creations his people had ever set forth to build. “such a waste…” was all he could say. He repeated it over and over again.

Finally, after many hours he slowed his ship to a stop, 8500 meters off what would have been the bow of the Titan. He focused so intently on the wreck that ne never noticed the Astero slide up next to his Destroyer.

“Uncle Wrathe, are you ok?” Sydney’s voice forced itself past his mental firewall of concentration.

“Syd? How long have you been here?” Wrathe asked in a monotone empty voice

“I saw you enter the system, but I just figured you needed to… Work something out.” Sydney’s sad voice still sounded light and helped pierce the veil of sadness that shrouded his mind.

“I did… I guess I still do. This hasn’t helped.” he replied to his niece.

“I know, I thought it would as well. It didn’t” Sydney’s voice slipped to a more somber tone. “Come on, follow me to Amarr. We can talk.”

“No. You go. I need to figure some things out. I’ll be ok, I promise.” Wrathe encouraged her. “I’ve got some thinking to do, that’s all.”

“You sure? I can stay, really…” Sydney continued

“Yeah, I’m sure. Go, get away from here. Just please be careful. These monsters do not care who they destroy” Wrathe warned her.

“Ok, if you’re sure?” Sydney was hesitant but knew he needed his space

“I’m sure. Goodbye Sydney.” Wrathe replied.

“I love you Uncle.” Sydney stated as she turned her Astero toward the Amarr gate and warped off.

“I love you too, Syd. I love you too…” and with that Wrathe turned his ship and dropped probes to find a wormhole. Any wormhole. He didn’t care which.

When he found one he warped to it. “No answers there, maybe in here.” and without even checking it’s Lifespan or Mass Limit, he jumped though.


One thought on “Time to Think

  1. I am not Amarr. Nor do I hold to your beliefs. However, as someone who has completed many an assignment for the Sarum family, I would urge you to remember the Empress’ words “…and to all who hear my words, I say this: what you give to this empire, i shall give back unto you”.

    Watch the skies. Keep the faith.

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