You Did What?

Sydney crashed on her bed, exhausted from the events of the last week. As she laid on her bed she used one foot to remove the boot from her other and then once removed did the reverse.

“Whew, what a friggin week…” As she exhaled this epitaph she heard the Comms alert in her quarters (Beep, Beep, Beep).

“What now! Ugh” she struggled out of her bed and over to the couch, banging her knee as she hurried.


“Oww, Dammit… Hello?” is how she answered the comms.

“Go Secure, Syd!” It was Dorian, and she didn’t sound happy. “Hey, Dor” was her attempt to ease her way out of the inevitable discussion. “Go Secure, Sydney.” was the only response. This would not be good.

Sydney adjusted the settings on her comm panel and it only took a second for the two signals to be encrypted.

“I show secure.” Sydney responded over the new secure transmission feed. “I show secure as well.” Dorian replied before she began the questioning. “What did you do?”

“Whadda you mean?” Sydney knew this was the wrong thing to say as she said it.

“You know what I mean. What did you get Mynxee involved in?” Sydney could hear the anger in the tone of the question.

“I… I needed some help for my Uncle and you were in the Wormhole. I couldn’t reach you.” Sydney was trying to explain but the information wasn’t coming quick enough for Dorian.

“What did you do?” Dorian asked again a bit stronger this time.

“I had her help me get my uncle an illegal capsuleer implant and clone!” It all just fell out of her mouth. She wanted to pull it back but it was too late.

“YOU DID WHAT?!? Dammit, Syd, She’s cleaned up her act. She’s running Signal Cartel now, she can’t get involved with those people!” Dorian’s anger was real. Mynxee and her corporation had finally given Dorian a stable place where she could belong. It had taught he so much and she didn’t want anything to happen to the corporation or her CEO.

“My Cousin Died!!!” Sydney exclaimed.

“What?!? Oh God, I’m sorry Syd. I didn’t know…” Now the tables were turned and Dorian felt like a heel.

“It’s ok, I didn’t know what to do. I had to talk to somebody.” Sydney was in tears now.

“It’s ok, Syd. I’m heading your way now. Looks like 18 jumps, don’t go anywhere. OK?”

“Yeah… I’ll be here.” Sydney tried to regain her composure.

“OK, 17 jumps… Let me fly, I’ll get there quicker.” Dorian said as a way to sign off.

“OK, see you when you get here. And… I’m sorry, Dor.” With that Sydney closed the connection.

Dorian docked her interceptor at the station and hurried out of her Pod. After toweling off and getting dressed she hurried down the gangway towards Sydney’s quarters.


When she entered the room she found that Sydney had fallen asleep. She quietly sat down in a chair next to her bed, and watched the young girl sleep. Dorian thought back, it wasn’t too many years ago when Dorian found her, struggling to eek out an existence in Amarr waiting tables for capsuleers. Dealing with the dregs who loitered there and their poor tipping and harassment.

Sydney always seemed to be working when Dorian delivered her weekly load of compressed ice and stopped in for a quick bite to eat. She hated watching her get mistreated and groped by the slugs who sat there all day updating their market buy/sell orders and never leaving the damn station. So, this time, when she made her delivery she made sure she sat in her area of the bar and ordered a drink.  Sydney quickly retrieved the drink from the bar and when she returned Dorian asked her “Hey, how long you been doing this?” as she paid for her drink with her data-pad.

“Uh… Me?” was Sydney’s only response.

“Yeah, you. How long you been here? On this station?” she tried again to get an answer.

“Ummm… 2 years… well, 18 months. Why?” Now Sydney was inquisitive.

“Seems like a shit job.” Dorian said it and realized it came off as typical Capsuleer smug. “I mean… It looks like you have a lot of shit to deal with.”

“Ha… Yeah, I knew what you meant. Yeah, it kinda sucks, but it pays ok. As long as the assholes tip. Sometimes I actually get tipped quite well if they’re drunk enough.” She smiled as she said that and started to turn to walk away.

“Wait. When do you get off work?” Dorian wanted to talk to the younger Amarrian.

“Uh… Miss, I appreciate your interest but I… I don’t date Capsuleers and I’m kinda into men.” Sydney tried her best to not offend the Capsuleer as she knew that was where her tips were coming from.

“Me.. No… I mean… No… That’s not what I meant.” Dorian almost fell off her chair but recovered quickly. “I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Oh, Ha! I’m sorry… I’m just so accustomed to… Nevermind I’m off in about 30 minutes.” Sydney blushed and turned to look at the other customers drinks. “I’ll come back before I get off shift and then come sit and talk.”

“That would be great, could I get another drink before you go?” and Dorian charged the drink before Sydney left.

Sydney rolled over and snored a bit before her breathing smoothed out again. and Dorian remembered how she got to know her and offered to pay her tuition to the Royal Amarr Institute. She thought it was a scam at first and Dorian had to ensure the girl that there was no scam. It cost her most of the ISK she had accumulated to send her but she had to do it. She had to pay it back.

Dorian thought deeper to how she became a Capsuleer. She was a crewman aboard an Caldari Covert Ops Battleship flown by “Boss Hogg” and she worked hard for him. Hard enough that this man… Well he didn’t seem like a man back then. He seemed like a God. He died and came back over and over and to a Non-Capsuleer… It’s just incomprehensible.

He sent her to Capsuleer school. To the Caldari Science and Trade Institute as she wanted to be an asteroid belt miner. She laughed at how her life had changed since then.

She remembered when she told “Boss”, about funding the tuition for Sydney and his reply was “YOU DID WHAT?” Dorian laughed out loud a bit as she did the same to Sydney only moments ago. Mind you, this was the legal way to do help someone become a Capsuleer, not like Sydney’s current fiasco.

Her laugh woke Sydney who rolled over and opened her eyes. It took a few seconds for her to remember that Dorian was mad.

“Dor! I’m sorry. I…” Sydney almost sat straight up in the bed.

“Relax, It’s ok.” Dorian told her to relax and lay back down.

“So… Explain” Dorian asked.

Sydney went on to explain the vents of the past week. Parts of the story caused her to tear up and Dorian helped her continue. Other parts, brought laughter and excitement and after an hour of talking she had finished and Dorian sat back and just looked at Syd.

“Wow, quite a week. I’m glad Mynxee was there to help you, but you really should have called.” was Dorian’s only scolding.

“I know, but it all happened so fast.” Sydney tried to explain how it escalated.

Dorian got up, and moved toward the couch “Sleep, Syd. We’ll talk tomorrow.” and Dorian laid down on the couch with a blanket.

“Nite, Dor.” Sydney said as she closed her eyes.

“Nite, Syd. You did good.”

“Thanks, Dor… Did I mention that I signed Wrathe up with Kira and Nova Haven?”



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