Dying to Learn

As the Astero pulled into the Amarr Navy Station at the first moon of Safizon II, Mynxee announced “Prepare for Docking” to her passengers. Sydney Luther and her Uncle Wrathe Allimar stopped speaking and watched the video screen.

Wrathe spoke first. “What happens now? Will I get a ship?”


Sydney smiled at him. “Yes, but it will only be a small ship. I will get you something better.”

He hung his head, “I feel so small, I’ve never felt like this before. I have no ISK, no ship… I have nothing.”

Sydney moved across the passenger compartment “You have me.” and with that Wrathe looked at her and tried to smile.

Mynxee was obviously listening as the compartment speaker announced “And ME!” which caused Syd and her uncle to laugh.

“Yes, Miss… Err.. Mynxee, I have you too.” Mynxee entered the passenger compartment drying her hair with a towel. She had docked the small frigate with such skill that neither capsuleer noticed it had happened.

“You are a good pilot, I didn’t even feel…” Mynxee cut him off. “You have to remember, I’ve been doing this for quite a few years.”

Wrathe stood and approached the Minmatar Pilot. “My people… we did terrible things to your people. I am truly sorry for…” Mynxee stopped him again with a finger to his lips. “You are now a capsuleer. You have a new life and with it you can do incredible things. It is up to you to decide what those things will be.”

“I just want to thank you properly, but I do not know how.” Mynxee looked the man in the eyes and said “You want to thank me?” She paused and Wrathe nodded never breaking his eye contact. “Then do good things. I realize you have something you must do. But you are immortal, you will sail that great void for years and when you’re ready, no matter how this ends, I will be here. Then we can discuss those Good Things.”

Wrathe nodded and Mynxee hugged him tightly. As she did she saw one single tear run down Sydney’s face.

Mynxee broke the embrace, and took a step back. “Alright, I’ve got work to do. You two going to be Ok?”

Their faces could not have been in any more opposition. Wrathe’s face displayed dismay at the tremendous learning curve before him but Sydney nodded and  said “Yeah, I think we’re going to be fine.” wiping that tear from her cheek.

Sydney ended this goodbye with “Thanks, Mynxee.” and when Wrathe tried to say the same Mynxee stared and said “When this is over.”

She turned and walked to the Capsule compartment “Fly Safe you two.” and Sydney and her uncle exited the ship into the gaping hanger bay. The Astero was unmoored and swung around heading towards the hanger doors. Mynxee waggled her ship as she exited the station as a way of saying goodbye one last time.

“She is a good woman.” Wrathe said as he watched her go. “One of the best… And now I need to introduce you to another one.” Sydney stated as she turned to walk toward the main portion of the station. Wrathe only noticed that Sydney had left after he watched the ship warp off into the distance and tripped as he tried to catch up.

Sydney sat down on the couch in the Captain’s Quarters with her uncle leaning on a table across the room. Sydney stated “Contact Kira Tsukimoto” Immediately the communication system reached out across the light years to Kira’s Ship.

“Hey, Syd! Can you talk now?” Kira asked with a hint of sarcasm due to Sydney’s recent tendency for COMSEC.

“Yes, I can talk… Sorta. How about you?”

“Yeah, I’m watching my guys teach a class on Sensor Dampening. Instructor gets shot by a few of our vets and the New Bros Damp them out. It’s not glamorous but I love watching them see their own potential as they grow.” Kira responded with the enthusiasm of a child with a new toy.

“Sounds just like what I wanted to talk to you…” Sydney’s sentence was cut off by one of Kira’s fleet mates.

” BREAK BREAK – CONTACT D-SCAN COMBAT PROBES 1AU” The voice boomed over comms

“Fuck, they’re already inbound. I have multiple Cerberus… Make that over 20 Cerberus inbound from… Within 15 degrees of the Reisen Gate” Kira immediately was on top of her game.

“Ummm… She’s going to be a bit busy now Uncle Wrathe. But she left comms open… We could listen?” Sydney looked at her Uncle with an uncomfortable grin. This wasn’t how she intended for him to discover what Capsuleer combat was all about.

“OK, Base! We’re going to need more Armor out here… Mallers and Augorors. Oh… and Tackle, lots of tackle!”

“The vets were bored, lets give them something to do.” Kira knew that all of her corporation were listening to Comms and that they would be jumping into their pods as she said it.

“Instructors, they have Logi with them. I have multiple Scimitars on D-Scan. Those will be primary. Students,  You will lock up the Scimitars as well. Slow their lock time and Shorten their range. Understood?”


Kira’s instructions seemed to steel her students and motivate her veteran instructors as well. “Base, where’s my backup?” She demanded as she warped her Maller beside her Fleetmates.

“Undocking now… ETA 30 Seconds!” her backup Fleet Commander answered this question and his answer came as the Caldari Advanced Cruisers landed on grid with their Scimitars immediately behind them.

What happened now was typical of comms during engagements. As the enemy’s missiles landed on Kira’s Mallers, they called for logistics and as the Augorors began transferring the energy required to heal the missile damage, they too started to receive damage.

“Maulus’ engage their logi!” and with Kira’s command the Gallente frigates locked and dampened the Scimitars range. Immediately, all of their logistics lost lock on the Missile Cruisers they were there to protect. And that was when the cavalry arrived. Kira’s fleet was out manned and out gunned almost two to one but with the backup that arrived that deficit dropped to 3 to 2.

Condor Atron

“Yes! Atrons & Condors, tackle the Cerbs! Hold them At All Cost.

Everybody else, hit the Scimitars!”

And with that the Mallers, with their Heavy Pulse lasers mounting Scorch crystals, burned through the enemy Logistics Cruisers’s shields. The Scimitars didn’t stand a chance and as they began to be burned out of existence Kira called out to her students to turn their attention to the damage dealing Cruisers dampening them as well. Her veterans in the Augorors swiftly swapped targets and their Armor Reps ensured the Mallers could stay on the field and burn into the enemy cruisers.

The enemy tried to escape… They aligned toward the High Sec gate but Kira’s students hero tackled them in place. Over and over as her students Atrons exploded beneath them, they flew their pods back to the station and jumped into another only to do it again. The enemy cruisers began to explode and their pods quickly exited to the gate.

As the last Cerberus was burnt into dust, one of her newest students managed to tackle it’s Pod. Kira’s entire fleet locked the pod, and it took time for the Amarr cruisers to lock the small object, but when they did they never fired.

Kira took her time and slowly closed within 500M of the defenseless Pod. She orbited it and listened to her fleet cheering over comms. After a few long seconds the fleet quieted down. There was pure silence.

Then Kira’s voice spoke over the Akora System local comms so the trapped capsuleer could be sure to hear her. “Make sure to tell your Boss he got his fuckin ass handed to him by a bunch of Noobs!” and she fired all of her cruisers lasers into the unprotected Pod.

She used the derogatory term for new Capsuleers on purpose, she had heard these same pilots use it to mock and degrade her trainees and her use of the word immediately removed it’s power.

What she did next could be seen as heartless to a non-capsuleer. She scooped the floating corpse and deposited it on the Low Security side of the Reisen-Akora gate. It was a message and anyone who entered Akora here would understand it.

Kira realized that she had forgotten to end her connection with Sydney. She giggled a bit “Syd, you there?”

“Yeah, we’re still here. You ok?” was her response.

As usual, Kira’s response was relaxed “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Heading to station to celebrate our first whelp of a War Target.”

To Sydney’s surprise, her uncle interjected “Miss Kira, I would like for you to train me… If that would be OK?”

“Sydney… you said he was just implanted yesterday? Is he going to be able to do this?” Kira needed this answer before she could respond.

“Kira… He’s wanting revenge for his daughter. She died in Safizon to the Drifters. He will make it. He has to.” Sydney looked at her uncle as she said the words.

“OK… meet me in Reisen. We’ll get him set up. Mr…. Sir, I don’t believe I know your name.” Kira realized as she said it.

“It’s Wrathe, Wrathe Allimar.” Wrathe informed her.

“Well Wrathe, It looks like you’re going to learn how to fight. Welcome to Nova Haven and I’ll see you in Reisen. Later Syd, see you… say tomorrow?”

“Yeah, that would be good. Thanks Kira.” Kira made a Don’t worry about it face and with that… the channel disconnected.

For a long time nothing was said. Then Wrathe looked at his niece and started to apologize for his disowning of her when she entered Capsuleer training. “I’m so sorry Sydney…”

“Come on Uncle, lets get you a ship.” Sydney said as she stood up from the couch and drug him to the door.


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