People Change

“… And if I” (beep,beep,beep)

“If I” (beep,beep,beep) “what is that?”

Sydney opens her eyes to realize the blueprint she was manufacturing was only a dream. (beep,beep,beep)

The Faster Than Light, or FTL comm screen again announced an incoming transmission with its persistent chime.


“Sydney, did I wake you?” The voice of a older man came through the speaker audio only, as she had not yet activated the video feed. “No… No, you didn’t wake me… Who is this?”

“It’s your uncle, Uncle Wrathe.” Sydney sat up and immediately activated the video screen. Her uncle had not spoken to her since she became a Capsuleer. It violated the Amarrian belief to keep the body pure and unaltered.

“Uncle Wrathe! How are you?” and then she saw the image on the screen. 


The image she saw was her uncle in Amarrian Mourning Robes. “Oh no… No, please no.” 

Sydney knew this could only mean one thing. Her Aunt Daphne had passed during childbirth, and her uncle raised her cousin Christina by himself. It wasn’t easy for him. As a loyal follower of the Speaker’s of Truth, his days were busy and he never became a rich man, at least not that Sydney knew of. But these Robes, they meant only one thing.

“Oh Uncle Wrathe, I’m so sorry… How?”

“She… She was on board the Holy Sword. It was one of the Amarr Navy ships destroyed when those Drifters invaded Safizon.”  The sorrow in his voice hurt her, he sounded as her own father did on his death bed. Tired, weak, broken.

“Oh, Uncle Wrathe, I’m so sorry. Is there anything you need, anything I can do?” Her uncle lowered his cowl, and almost broke a small smile.

“Sydney, I need your help.” Her uncles face tightened.

“Anything, anything at all!” Sydney’s reply came immediately without hesitation.

“No, Sydney, I was wrong. I shunned you. I removed your pictures from my home. I even refused to speak of you with… Christina. And I was wrong.” His voice cracked and tears welled up in his eyes. “I was wrong”

“No, you did what you thought was right. You weren’t wrong.” Sydney tried to console him even though this part of her new life hurt the most. Missing her family, or what was left of it.

“Then, I feel, my next question will be quite difficult for you and I’ll understand if you disconnect this call.” Sydney shook her head letting her uncle know that she couldn’t do that to him. “I need your help. I need to become like you. A Capsuleer. I need to end them, I need to be able to die, be reborn, and die again. Those monsters must die.” 

Sydney saw the anger in his eyes and knew there would be no way to change his mind. “Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

“But… What about… God? Your beliefs? The afterlife?” Sydney tred lightly now.

Wrathe rubbed his beard and the multiple day growth that he was shaping into a goatee made a audible noise “What afterlife? I’ll be immortal. And as for my… Our God… I’ll pay that bill when the time comes. As for now, Christina shall be avenged.”

“Ok, I’ll head to Amarr space now. How much do you need?” Sydney asked the obvious question.

“Money? No, I do not need ISK. I have Christina’s school funds and she… She won’t need it anymore.” Wrathe hung his head for a moment. “I only need my only surviving family member to be with me. To be there when I change.”

She felt like a fool. “Of course. I’m leaving now.” Sydney swapped the comm transmission to her portable device.

“Thank you, Syd. I’ll see you when you get here. And Fly Safe?” Her uncle used a phrase normally used by Capsuleers.

“I will, Uncle. And I’ll be there quickly.” She ended the call, as she entered her pod. It was placed into her interceptor and she ignited the engines.

As she turned the quick alligning ship for the station exit, she activated her ships Comms. “Contact Kira” passed through her mind and the ship reached through space to complete her request. “Uncle Wrathe’s really going to need her help.”


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