You Did What?

“What did you do?” Dorian asked again a bit stronger this time.

“I had her help me get my uncle an illegal capsuleer implant and clone!” It all just fell out of her mouth. She wanted to pull it back but it was too late.

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Dying to Learn

“Yes! Atrons & Condors, Tackle the Cerbs! Hold Them At All Cost.

Everybody else, hit the Scimitars!”

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People Change

“… And if I” (beep,beep,beep) “If I” (beep,beep,beep) “what is that?” Sydney opens her eyes to realize the blueprint she was manufacturing was only a dream. (beep,beep,beep) The Faster Than Light, or FTL comm screen again announced an incoming transmission with its persistent chime. “Hel-Hello…” “Sydney, did I wake you?” The voice of a older man came […]

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