Hornets and Laughter

“THANK YOU BOB!!!!!!” I screamed as my Epithal slipped away from the Customs Office orbiting the 1st planet in the wormhole. “WOOHOO!!! Sarlee, I’m clear with the Robotics. Headed for the DryDock. You got him on Scan?” I asked my companion in our new Corporation, and It’s hard for the young Minmitar girl to not probe him down and let her Astero’s Drones and lasers peel the skin of the Nemesis that she warped, by pure chance on top of. She warped in uncloaked, as a joke, trying to scare me and she landed on top of the Nemesis, decloaking it.

“He must have crapped his pod!” Sarlee replied. I know I did, but thank Bob for her sense of humor. He joke, decloaked him and gave me the time to make the warp jump to the Tower and her quick to align Astero was gone before he knew what happened.

“Thanks, Sar. You just saved $30 Million in Robotics.” I sighed as I left warp withing the safety of the Tower’s shields.

“And you said my sense of humor would get us killed!” She laughed over comms as she said it. She was right, i warned her multiple times. Time to eat some crow.

“Yeah, well… Next time, I’m sure you’ll remind me.” I laughed back as I stored my hauler in the Dry Dock and mounted my Stratios. “OK, lets try to see if we can get eyes on the out-hole to see if we can catch him leave. I don’t want to have to worry about him setting up camp here.”

“Already on it. I’m cloaked at my tactical at the hole to the C2. Nothing so far.” Sarlee informed me. “Roger, I’m headed to the High-Sec one.”

Warping to the High Sec wormhole, I still couldn’t believe my luck. Damn, that would have sucked. Waking up in Thera down an Epithal and hoping Sarlee could grab the robotics, if they survived. That Nemesis couldn’t pick up much. It’s cargo hold just isn’t big enough.

This helped me figure out that this guy was doing this for kicks. God that makes no sense… Err.. “Sorry, Bob.” I said, not wanting to anger my beneficiary as I landed at my Tactical.

“Sar, anything? I’m at the High-Sec”

“Nope, still quiet. I hope this idiot doesn’t camp us. I’ve got things to do.” knowing full well that she wanted to dig into the second Relic site I found before I started my PI. The first one she attempted was the luckiest thing I’ve ever seen. She never hit a security node. Not one! Who has that kinda luck?


“Yeah, I know. Let’s give it a few.”  I knew this drove her young mind crazy. She had the energy of a two year old and the patience of one as well.

“Yeah, I know. So anyway, I see the Factories you put down are working quite well.”

“Not bad, Take a look.” I forwarded the plans for the planet I used to change the P1’s to P3 Robotics after pulling P Zeros off of 4 others and refining them to P1’s.

PI Factory Planet

“Nice!” Sarlee stated as another Signal Cartel member broke into comms.

“Signaleers, how’s the Hole look? I’m headed that way with a Mackinaw.” The voice asked.

“Negative! Negative! We have a Nemesis in the hole. Watching for him to leave now.” I replied. “Hold fast in Usi. We’ll let you know when… If he leaves.” I didn’t recognize the voice, but he had the Cartel’s secure Comm channel codes.

“Roger that, I’ll grab a bite to eat and wait for your response.” The voice explained.

“Understood, enjoy!” I said as my own stomach grumbled. “I’ve been in this pod too long. I’m starving.” I said in the hope that Sarlee would join me in my undernourishment.

“Yeah, Me… Wait a minute… Got ’em… He’s jumping into the C2… Come on… Come on… Jump you prick.” It felt like forever, waiting, listening to Sarlee. “You sit there any longer and my Credo restraint may just slip.”

“Easy Sar, give him a second.” I waited for further info… and then I heard it. Sarlee laughing as she explained what she had done.

“HA! That’ll teach ya!”

“What did you do?!?” I chastised her thinking the worst.

“Nuthin, I just launched my EC-300’s and locked him up. He must have been sleeping, or not paying attention. I had to reach him on personal Comms and all i said was… Get out of our Hole! He jumped scared!” The laughter in her voice was infectious and I giggled before telling her how dangerous that was.

“Uh huh, Dor… You’re getting old. Didn’t you just tell me…” I cut her off.

Shut up, Sar.” and all I heard back was laughter. “You keep an eye on that hole… I’m heading to Usi for a meal!”

“Wait!, Bring me something back!” I never answered, but she knew I would.

SoE Stratios and Asteros

Signal Cartel Contacts


CEO: Mynxee

Recruiters: Edohatrem Inur, Helios Anduath, Talyn Soone

EvE-Scout Services: G8keeper, Johnny Splunk

Diplomats: (corp) Mynxee; (alliance) G8keeper, Johnny Splunk

In-game channel “EvE-Scout”

Twitter: @eve_scout, @Mynxee

Reddit: /r/evescout and /r/signalcartel


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