Changes are Good for the Soul

As Sydney and I walked through Jita about three weeks ago, Change Happened. We were visiting the local establishments in our new home region’s marketplace and I got distracted. It was quick, I barely cast my attention toward the news feed announcing the CSM 10 winners and Sydney, being her outgoing self, found someone to talk to. Change found us and her name is Sarlee Resu.


She is a new Capsuleer, saved her whole life for this chance. But she was flying a Rifter and I knew what that meant. She was a Grifter, A Pirate and Sydney was scared of her but enthralled with her at the same time. Change…

“Hey Syd, who’s your friend?” I announced as i approached them. She seemed surprised but the Pirate knew I was coming.

“Ummm… I dunno… I didn’t ask.” She nervously replied

“I’m Sarlee Resu, glad to meet you. I assume you’re Dorian. Sydney was just saying you were bound to show up.” The Pirate smiled as she said the words.

“So you’re the Rifter Pilot I saw as we were docking. Make sure you buy some Baling wire to hold her together.” I smiled back and the Pirate’s face winced just enough to let me know i hit a nerve, but answered back quickly with “Well, I’m sure your beat up Heron has enough for both of us if I do.”


“Ha, you can take a joke. Good… and a Smartass to boot.” I smiled at her as I said it and her face softened. So did Sydney’s as she though I was going to start a confrontation. 

“What ya doing in these parts Minmatar? You’re a long way from home?” I asked.

“I needed to find some space to…” She almost said something she didn’t want to. “Somewhere to live”

“Somewhere to hunt, more likely. I figured as much, but I’m not one to judge little Pirate. To each his… err, her own.”  I used the Pirate word for the first time but she seemed to enjoy it.

“Not a Pirate yet… I’ve never even fought another capsuleer.” She almost seemed embarrassed.

“There’s always a first. You’ll get there. BUT, I have a proposition for you Pirate.” Sarlee and Sydney looked at me with a confused expression.

“Huh? What you talkin bout?” Sarlee’s Minmitar accent was think with her confusion.

“I need some security, well, we do” I looked at Sydney as i corrected myself. “and you’re just the kid to supply it.”

“Me? Nah, that’s not my style. I’m a hunter, not some bodyguard.” She shook her head and turned to walk away. “But thanks for the offer, I’ll try not to blow you up when I see you next.” Sarlee smiled as she faded into the crowd.

“Well… I didn’t see that coming” I said as I looked at Syd.

“Yeah, me neither. I couldn’t believe you asked her that.” Sydney cracked a smile at me as she knew what I meant but teased me.

“Humph…” I said as we made our way back into the crowd toward the hanger bay. When we arrived we entered the Heron and began undocking with out newly purchased blueprints. As we jetted out of the station at 4-4 my Warning and Caution Computer started screaming as we were targeted by a Catalyst.

“Fuck!” I attempted to warp but we were already tackled. It seemed like the whole system stopped to watch us die. No concord would be coming to my rescue as the War Dec we were under was almost over and we decided to chance it. Bad Call…

But then, Change… Freakin Change!

Sarlee’s Rifter locked the catalyst and opened fire! The Destroyer immediately unlocked us and turned on her and this moment allowed us to warp to the gate. Seconds later before traffic control even allowed us to jump, a golden pod pulled up next to us. It was her, Sarlee. She had been popped by Concord for attacking our aggressor.


“Sarlee? Why?” I yelled into the Local Comms

“Hey, you wanted security. Now I see why!” I heard her laugh as she unkeyed the microphone.

“That I did, Thanks. Reconsidering my proposal?” I said while Jumping into the next system

“Yeah, but I’m gonna need a ship.” as the pod arrived along side us.

“Oh, you’re going to love working with us” Sydney chimed in over comes “Come on, lets show her.”

Change… Not so bad sometimes.


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