Am I the Only One?


“Yes, Bubbles. They were everywhere.” I explained to Syd. It was the first time in a month that I actually got to speak to her. “Warp Disruption Bubbles… You’ve never seen them have you?”

“No… I haven’t.” Sydney bowed her head on the view-screen. “Was it bad? Did… Did they get you?”

I heard it in her voice, she was scared and i scared her. “Nope, I bounced to the gate, they never even saw me.” Her head came up, I think that helped. “I just wish, when I called out on the intel channel, I heard more than “Everybody Dock Up!!!” It drives me crazy that no one wants to fight for what we have.”

Syd smiled. “Maybe they’re scared.”

“Scared? Scared of what? We’re Capsuleers. We’re immortal.” It was then that it hit me. Like a 350MM Railgun shell, it hit me.

“They are. Really are. They dock up because they don’t want to lose their ships. But it’s not the dying or the ships, really…It’s that the ships mean Isk. They’re afraid of losing Isk. The money isn’t good enough here because it’s tough to mine and build when you’re docked up all the time. It’s a vicious circle.” I shook my head.

“Dor?” Sydney looked at me through the camera. “Then why are you there? Cut your losses and come back. Even if we have to move, or change corps. Just come home.”

“Syd, I built all these ships and equipment…” I half-heartedly retorted.

“But is it worth it? Are we better off?” Syd smiled, knowing the answer, but just as she did “The Scope”, New Eden’s news station, broke into our transmission.

And with that my decision was made. Null Security space wasn’t for me, at least not now. It wasn’t fear. I tried to engage the Pirates, albeit with less than stellar results, but I tried.

It’s just that this just wasn’t what I… no, not I… It’s not what we enjoyed.

But The Scope had helped me make this decision almost as much as Syd did. Something just wasn’t right. These Circadian Seekers, the Unidentified Structures appearing and disappearing and the Star, Caroline’s Star. Syd and I, both, had to figure out what all this means. Where New Eden is going… Hell, where we’re going.


“You’re right, Syd… I’m on my way.” and with that I closed the comm channel and rose from my bed. Maybe someday I could live here, but not now, not like this.

Maybe in the coming months the Sovereignty will change, opening up vast tracts of Null Sec. It’ll be undefended but it will also be changed. Changed for the better? I dunno, but it’ll be different. Maybe we’ll align ourselves with the right alliance or maybe we’ll just be happy in High Sec.

But for now, I know where I am going. I’m going home.


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