Providence Lost & Found

“There, now I can finally Sleep.” I rose from my desk, my head still swimming and laid down for a well deserved sleep.

As I rested, the computer sent the email across the light years to Sydney’s inbox. She heard the mail arrive and rushed to her desk to read it. With a few touches, the letter opened for her, she leaned forward in her chair and began to read…

“Dear Sydney,

Well… It had to happen sometime. I know you received the insurance documents so you are aware that I was Podded. And… It hurt. Not so much physical pain, but there was a bit of that, but that it happened. All this time… never being podded. Oh, well. So much for that streak.

The part that really hurt is the loss of my implants. They’re toast and floating with my corpse. My corpse… MY Corpse.. That sounds weird.

Anyway, I woke up safe and sound in my medical clone. None the worse for wear. Please don’t worry, and you were right, I did get my ass shot off. But that’s done now. Now i’ll be the one doing the shooting. Well, as long as i’m not in my mining ship.


But there is good news too. I’ve made some friends, and an Alliance even gave us Standings. I also have a new Procurer that I built and a Miasmos, Epithal and a Drake (Quit laughing… I like her!) So Provi isn’t so bad, I think you’ll like it.

Anyway, I’m tired and need to get going early tomorrow. Sleep tight and I hope to bring you down here soon!

Goodnight, Syd.


Sydney immediately began typing her response.


I’m glad you’re safe. I knew  that until you knew the regulars it would be dangerous. I’m glad you got in good with one of the Alliances. Intel is important in Providence… Too many Pirates. 

Speaking of Providence, guess what i’m designing? A Providence and an Ark! I’ll need the Freighter for my work here and if I do come down there I’ll convert it into the jump freighter!

Providence Freighter

Oh, and the crew just finished your Cloaky Hauler, the Crane. She’s ready for you to come pick her up.


Just make sure you let me know when you’ll be here. I don’t want to miss you.

And if I come down or stay up here, I know you’ll do what’s best. Either way, just take care of yourself. Watch your overview for neutrals and reds. 

I miss you,



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