They’ve Changed! The Damn Things Shot at Me!

“Freakin Drones!” I swipe through the menu’s to open my Comm Menu and key in the channel for Sydney. The channel opens and after a few seconds the connection is complete.

“Hey Dori, Heading in?” it was then that she saw my face and knew something was wrong. “Whats the matter?”

“Freakin Drones! They’ve Changed! The damn things shot at me! Outside the station when i was undocking headed here. What the hell are they, anyhow?” Her reply was quick and full of concern.

Circadian Seeker

“Are you ok? In the Miasmos? You still have the Jaspet, right? See… She loves me.

“Yes, I still have the Jaspet.” The relief in her face was evident. “And I’m ok too. They just got into my shields before i warped off. Scared the shit out of me. Right at the damn station… I wonder if the station guns fired? I never even thought of that…” I wished I went back to find out. It would be good information to have.

“We received a DED Advisory just before you called, a statement was released stating that the Circadian Seekers were seem to be evolving… They might even attempt to kill a Pod.” Sydney was typing and the statement appeared in my inbox.

“Got it.” I scanned through the document labeled Circadian Seekers, with Sydney continuing about how these had to be connected with Caroline’s Star.

“… and it was seen pulsating today!” She came up for air.

“The star?” I asked to make sure i had heard her right.

Caroline's Star
Caroline’s Star

“Yeah, I’m not liking any of this.” Her face twisted like she has smelt something bad.

“Yeah… Me neither. I think I need to pay these bugs a visit. Pulling into the system now. Prep Boomer for me, ok.”

Astero in Station“I need to figure out what these things are…”


4 thoughts on “They’ve Changed! The Damn Things Shot at Me!

  1. I haven’t seen one of those in space lately, the system I live out of used to have a few and one of those structures. They just lazily floated past occasionally doing their scanny-scanny thing. If they’re shooting now, that worries me a little bit.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That is definitely scary. Do we know if that’s a change coming in Proteus or further down the road? I’m going to have to send a mail to my corp to let them know to either stay clear or be very cautious if they decide to engage :S


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