A Contest…. What Contest??? Don’t You Want to Hear About the Sleepers?

Boomer’s computer chirps  and follows with “incoming message….”

I look at the Comm’s page and see that it’s Sydney. It’s like she knew what i just found…

“How does she do that?”

Swiping the Comm Page Sydney’s face is displayed and she seems excited.

“Morning Syd, how did you know?”

“What do you mean How do I know? We got a message.” Syd seemed confused… Which is good… Cause I am too.

“A message? From me? I never sent a message…” Now we were obviously looking at each other with the same confused face.

We simultaneously said: “What are you talking about?”

“I called to tell you that you won!” The excitement returned to her voice.

“Won? Won what?” I seriously didn’t remember entering anything.

Nashh Kadvrs Contest! You won 500M Isk!” She screamed

“But i didn’t enter his contest… How… Damn, 500M… Did it say why?” This day really was beginning to shape up.


“The message said for the 500th follower?!? Did you follow him online?” (OOC: on Twitter) Syd asked.

“I Did, but i didn’t know there was a contest. I just liked his posts. People like him keep me occupied while i’m mining” I needed to keep up with the Day to Day goings on here. “I’ll send him a message thanking him. You got any bright ideas on how to spend it?” I knew she would have some Datacores or Decryptors to buy.

“I might, but what did you want to tell me? Was it about the Unidentified Structure you found yesterday?” How does she do that?

“You need to stop reading my mind, kiddo. It’s eerie. But yes, I had to go check it out again, it was eating at me. and this time I got a better picture.” Knowing she would be dying to see it.


“It looks like its shattered and the cloak is failing. If you look real hard you can make out the shape in the cloud.” It was really hard to see, but it’s there.

“I see it… Shattered huh… Wait… I know i have the report somewhere… Here, here it is. It’s a report from the Sisters about shattered wormholes where all of the planets have been shattered by something.” The look in her eye told me that the wheels were turning.

“Then you’re really going to love this. There were Circadian Sleepers, too.” 3.. 2.. 1.. and…

“Circadian Sleepers? Did they scan you? You didn’t let them scan you!”  Her worries about the sleepers has started to get to me. She thinks they are out to get us capsuleers.

“No, I stayed cloaked. But i got a Picture of them. Wanna see?” As if she could resist.

“Show me!” Syd screamed.

Circadian Sleeper Scanning

“Ohhhhh… They’re beautiful.” Syd swooned

“Beautiful? They want to kill us in the wormholes. You’re the one who preaches to me about how evil they are!” 

“They are… But they’re still beautiful” She was reaching up to touch her screen.

“Syd, I’ll leave you and the sleeper alone. Alright?” Hoping to get a response.

“Ok, talk to you later. Fly safe, Dor.” She responded without looking away from the Sleeper photo.

“Sure, Syd.”

“Computer, End Transmission.”


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