There’s Nothing in Our Databanks that Matches This Structure?

“So, I head into the system and drop probes just to see what’s there. I see an Unidentified Structure on my overview and figure i’ll warp to 50, just to check it out and sit there cloaked and scan everything down.” I explained to Sydney as she followed me, almost scurrying, into the Tower’s Rec Room.

“Okay, then what happened?” Sydney responded rapidly from behind me.

I poured a coffee, and took a large sip. Then I say over my Mug “Ahhhh… You made the Caldari Blend.”

Sydney looked flustered “What happened?!?” she stared at me intently.

I sat down on the stool and began my tale.

“Well, I landed and began probing the system. I found a Relic Site, and a Wormhole to Null Sec and another to W Space. But then, while i’m sitting there cloaked, i’m watching my overview and D-scan and poof, another Unknown Structure pops up. So I go to select it and there’s no Icon on the overview. Like it’s not there but it is. I quickly spin the ship’s camera drone around and see it. Well… sorta.”

“Sorta? What do you mean Sorta?” Sydney’s face twisted up as she said it.

“Well… I dunno? It was there but it wasn’t. At first i looked right past it, but then i saw arcing in the cloud that surrounded the Structure location.”

I could tell i wasn’t explaining it well. I stood up and activated the Tower’s computer terminal. I quickly navigated to the Camera Drone’s video log, “Here. Look close, it’s really hard to see.”

Her face went slack. She leaned into the screen and said “What the hell is that?”

Unidentified Structure

I laughed. “I dunno… It’s weird… It’s cloaked and as i approached it I got close enough to let it decloak me but it never did.” 

“What’s that big and cloaked? It’s as big as this Tower!” Sydney looked visibly shaken. “It’s got something to do with those Shattered Wormholes and Caroline’s Star in W477-P, in Jove space.”

“Could be, but this thing was weird.” I walked over to the couch shaking my head and sat down.

I took another sip of my coffee as Sydney stared at the screen again.

She is quite the smart one… Maybe she’s right?


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