Market Fluctuations

Location: Ashab

Heartburn… I hate heartburn.”

As I sit in my Itty, hauling a load of Helium Isotopes to the Amarr market, I realize that I’ve never had heartburn in my Pod.

“Hell, I never felt pain in my Pod.”


Even when my Retriever got blown out from under me in Finid, or my Heron in that Ghost Site or my Badger in Namaili… Nothing, zilch, nada. Never even a pinch.

“So why now??? Ice, it’s the freakin price of Ice”

And, I guess, all the components that it breaks down into as well. The prices have crashed quite a bit in the past two weeks and since that crash my heartburn has felt like lava.

“Maybe it’s that Yeti Implant laughing at me.” Yeah, I buy the damn thing and wham prices on everything drop through the floor. I finally get the fit on my Procurer where I feel Safe, if there is such a thing in New Eden. Safe from the gankers who claim to believe in the New Halaima Code of Conduct like it was a cult. “Jackasses!”


The problem is that they say they only go after “Bots” or sleeping miners… If that were only true. But now, with a solid fit, I could concentrate on Ice quantity and buy the implant that would help me on my way to Isk Stability.  “So much for that idea.”

As the Gate flashed and I arrived in the Amarr system, I checked D-Scan and saw only a single Pod within 5 LY.

“Slow night…”

I punched in my saved warp in and still flinched when the gate flashed as I broke away and entered warp.

“Ugh, I gotta get some meds for this.”

As I came out of warp, right where I wanted, I immediately asked for Docking Clearance and received it. These controllers are pretty quick authorizing your docking as long as you land close enough to the station.

“Thank You Emperor Family Control. Your tractor beam is solid.”


As I left the market through the huge gilded doors I realized a single Iteron 5, fitted for somewhat of a tank, still managed to pull in $127M…

“Hmmm… No more heartburn. Imagine that.”


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